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Pedro Nascimento de Lima,

a researcher at RAND Corporation.

I’m an associate engineer at RAND Corporation, a non-partisan research institution dedicated to improving policy through research and analysis.
Trained as an engineer and as policy researcher, I work across disciplines to inform our most challenging policy decisions with quantitative models and data - even when uncertainty is deep and consensus seems out of reach.

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Equity & Social Policy

Modeling America's racial wealth disparities

Mathematical models help chart pathways for closing racial wealth gaps
Notices of the American Mathematical Society [journal paper]
P. Nascimento de Lima, J. Welburn, J. Lamb, and O. Osoba

Overcoming compound racial inequity

Policies and costs for closing the black-white wealth gap
RAND Report [report]
J. Welburn, P. Nascimento de Lima, K. Kumar, O. Osoba, J. Lamb

Reopening California

Seeking robust, non-dominated COVID-19 exit strategies
Public Library of Science (PLOS) One [journal paper]
P. Nascimento de Lima, R. Lempert, R. Vardavas, L. Baker, J. Ringel, C. M. Rutter, J. Ozik, N. Collier

Pandemic Response

Optimal non-pharmaceutical pandemic response strategies depend critically on time horizons and costs

Scientific Reports [journal paper]
S. Nowak, P. Nascimento de Lima, R. Vardavas

Latest Research

Cancer Prevention

Commentary: Liquid Biopsy for Average-Risk Colorectal Cancer Screening

Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology [journal paper]
David A Lieberman, Aasma Shaukat, Folasade P May, John M Carethers, Iris Lansdorp-Vogelaar, Uri Ladabaum, Timothy R Church, Anjelica Davis, Chyke A Doubeni, John M Inadomi, Richard C Wender, Pedro Nascimento de Lima, Rosita van den Puttelaar

Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Colorectal Cancer Screening With a Blood Test That Meets the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Coverage Decision

Gastroenterology [journal paper]
Rosita van den Puttelaar, Pedro Nascimento de Lima, Amy B. Knudsen, Carolyn M. Rutter, Karen M. Kuntz Lucie de Jonge, Fernando Alarid Escudero, David Lieberman, Ann G. Zauber, Anne I. Hahn, John M. Inadomi, Iris Lansdorp-Vogelaar


You can reach out to me at plima at rand dot org