Hello, I'm

Pedro Nascimento de Lima,

a researcher at RAND Corporation.

I’m an associate engineer at RAND Corporation, a research institution dedicated to improving policy through research and analysis.
Trained as an engineer and as policy researcher, I work across disciplines to inform our most challenging policy decisions with quantitative models and data - even when uncertainty is deep and consensus seems out of reach.

Oct 2023: I'll be at the DMDU annual meeting in Delft.

Oct 2023: I'll be at INFORMS 2023, presenting on the Robustness of CRC Screening strategies [ slides]

optic R package released to CRAN!

News & Talks

Equity & Social Policy

Modeling America's racial wealth disparities

Mathematical models help chart pathways for closing racial wealth gaps
Notices of the American Mathematical Society [journal paper]
P. Nascimento de Lima, J. Welburn, J. Lamb, and O. Osoba

Overcoming compound racial inequity

Policies and costs for closing the black-white wealth gap
RAND Report [report]
J. Welburn, P. Nascimento de Lima, K. Kumar, O. Osoba, J. Lamb

Reopening California

Seeking robust, non-dominated COVID-19 exit strategies
Public Library of Science (PLOS) One [journal paper]
P. Nascimento de Lima, R. Lempert, R. Vardavas, L. Baker, J. Ringel, C. M. Rutter, J. Ozik, N. Collier

Pandemic Response

Optimal non-pharmaceutical pandemic response strategies depend critically on time horizons and costs

Scientific Reports [journal paper]
S. Nowak, P. Nascimento de Lima, R. Vardavas

Latest Research

Cancer Prevention

Projected long-term effects of colorectal cancer screening disruptions following the COVID-19 pandemic

eLife [journal paper]
P. Nascimento de Lima, J. Welburn, J. Lamb, and O. Osoba

NordICC trial results in line with expected colorectal cancer mortality reduction after colonoscopy

A modeling study
Gastroenterology [journal paper]
D. M. N. van den Berg, P. Nascimento de Lima, A. B. Knudsen, C. M. Rutter, D. Weinberg, I. Lansdorp-Vogelaar

Interested? Let’s get in touch!

You can reach out to me at plima at rand dot org