Teaching Factory Physics Flow Benchmarking with R and Many-Objective Visuals

Teaching to seasoned managers in MBE classes is challenging. While it’s important to bring new thoughts and ideas and not sound repetitive, it is necessary to provide a theoretical basis for experienced people with diverse backgrounds.

Discrete Event Simulation (DES) Metamodeling - Splines with R and Arena

Simulation Metamodeling - building and using surrogate models that can approximate results from more complicated simulation models - is an interesting approach to analyze results from complicated, computationally expensive simulation models.

Making Sense of Simulation Models with Metamodels Part 1 - Low-Order Polynomials with Arena and R

This is part 1 of a series of posts in which I will explore the utility of using metamodels to make sense of (and possibly optimizing) simulation models. If you used simulation modeling on a real project, you might be familiar with this fictional story:

Previsão de Séries Temporais com o R

Este arquivo foi utilizado como arquivo de apoio à aulas ministradas sobre previsão de demanda utilizando o R. Para um tramento mais aprofundado sobre o tema, recorrer ao excelente livro Forecating: Principles and Practice.

Arena2R - An R Package for Arena Simulation Users

Arena Simulation is a well-known Discrete Event Simulation Software. However, if you are a power user you might want to extend your analysis beyond what Arena’s Process Analyzer offers. In this tutorial, I’ll guide you through the main functions of Arena2R package.

Introdução ao R - Aprendendo com o Moneyball

Este post corresponde aos slides do Mini-Curso “Introdução ao R - Aprendendo com o Moneyball”, realizado em 2017 no SIGEPRO. Cada um dos títulos neste post correspondia a um slide.